Oman in a Nutshell – Some things you need to know

Oman, an incredible country, is not a popular tourist destination and when considering the countries to visit it is highly unlikely of choosing Middle East thanks to the cultural stereotypes, but today we want to burst the misconceptions out of the bubble as it is a calm and incredibly naturally diverse land of Oman which offers culture and a unique vintage Arabian vibe. Modern Oman is quite unique, but if you want to know where the country is headed in the 21st century you need to embark on a joint research on the raw beauty of the place and the warmth of the people. If a female traveler has been to Egypt, she’s most likely to expect the same catcalling in Oman, but gladly though, Oman is termed as one of the safest countries in the Middle East due to strict legal punishments.

Get to know Omani cultural norms so you avoid getting into serious trouble, because in Oman, verbal abuse, sticking up your rude finger or using the wrong facial expression can lead to a formal complaint and even an accusation of being frustrated is pretty bad. Oman is fast becoming the place to go out, being one of the most diverse and probably the most peaceful in all of the Middle East, and the Omani government is going to spend one billion dollars over the next few years for a brand new international terminal. You will be certainly blown away by how the place has transformed as before it was a country almost frozen in time and much of it is unrecognizable in terms of development, system of schools and hotels, but what will struck you most is that it is still distinctively Oman, on a path to modernization guided by its unique culture.

Omani’s are very polite, some of the friendliest, but nonetheless, you should avoid doing anything that could insult Islam, as the locals will be offended, and you could also get in trouble for holding hands as you will receive lingering stares. While Oman is a great travel destination, it is one of the least public transportation friendly countries as there’s no train to reach the famous sites, so you only got two options: rent a car or book a tour. It has been selective employed from the West, but it is still very much Oman in every way, as Omanis have a sense of their history and they are comfortable in their own skins because they know who they have been and they know where they’re going.

Women should be dressed conservatively while traveling around Oman, as wearing tight tops isn’t ideal, and men should wear long pants when they travel to a Muslim country. Oman did recently change its visa rules, and now the line with people waiting is extremely long so you might want to head straight to immigration as the queue takes typically between 5 to 30 minutes if you don’t arrive at the wrong time, when it can take up to two hours.

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